Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wow, 7 days into the new year already. Time sure has a way of flying by. I hope everyone is off to a good start, I have had my typical stress filled week topped with a lovely bout of illness. But, I'm still hanging in there and finding time to create some things here and there.

Speaking of which, here are my latest creations...wallpapers! I have been trying my hand a bit at photo manipulations and think that these two came out pretty well. What do you think? You know I'd love to hear your comments!

The first is called Refuge:

And the second is NeverMore:

I must say that I am especially happy with NeverMore as the Raven in the manipulation is one of the birds that I painted this summer! So thrilling to be able to use my own elements in things.

What's want to know more about the birds I painted? Never fear, they should be making their appearance soon and available for all to use!

May this year be the best one ever!


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